HOME IS A FIRE Books 1-3

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All three novels in the Home is a Fire series are brought together for the first time in one thrilling edition complete with new edits, updated text, and a personal foreword by the author. Jump back in and experience the romance, comedy, and drama of the quirky residents of Parkville, TN.

Home is a Fire

Derek had everything he thought he ever wanted: a handsome boyfriend, a fabulous social life, and an exciting career. But when he left New York City behind to reconnect to his Southern hometown, it turned out to be the greatest decision of his life. Whoever said “You can’t go home again” was mistaken. It’s just not exactly how you pictured it.

The Fire Went Wild

The romantic sparks ignite plenty of drama in the much-anticipated sequel. Secrets are revealed, passions flare, and alliances crumble and take surprising twists and turns. Buckle yourself in for this rollercoaster of emotions!

 This Fire Inside

The delightfully dramatic third installment invites readers back into the heartfelt world of Derek, Luke, Uncle Barry, and the Southern charms that shaped them all. As a specter appears from Luke’s past, nothing stays hidden in a town that thrives on finding out what’s behind closed doors.





The 4 train is barreling down Lexington Avenue and I can see the reflection of my face in the glass of the subway door. I’m not pretty.

After twelve years in New York City, Derek has the life he always wanted. A fun job, a fantastic social life, and a handsome boyfriend he’s about to marry. Everything is perfect.

Except that it’s not.

Staring at his reflection in the subway door, Derek realizes he lost himself somewhere along the way, and that the search must start where it all began—his hometown in Tennessee.

Overnight, Derek goes from cocktails in Manhattan’s trendiest lounges to drinking at the local bar with childhood buddies. He hangs out with his colorful family, attends football games and reconnects to the South.

As he spends time in places he’s always gone, with people he’s always known, Derek clearly sees himself—what he wants and where to find it—for the first time in years.






Derek and Luke found love in each other’s arms, but is their small Southern town ready to accept them—or reject them?

He left trendy nightclubs behind for local bars, traded all-night parties for high school football games, and said good-bye to New York for the comfort of family and childhood friends.

Drawn in by the heart of his Tennessee hometown, Derek has never been happier—especially now that he’s together with Luke, the Parkville High School football coach.

But when they decide to go public with their romantic connection, it isn’t long before rumors begin to fly—and “concerned citizens,” intent on forcing them to leave their jobs at Parkville High, put the men’s personal and professional reputations on the line.

In the captivating sequel to Home Is a Fire, find out how news of Derek and Luke’s relationship sets their small town ablaze—and whether this happy couple can manage to escape unscathed from the devastating flames.






Derek and Luke thought revealing their romance to their small Tennessee community meant they had overcome their biggest obstacle…until they visit New York and bump into someone from Luke’s past.

Everything was going great for Derek and Luke. Until it wasn’t. It took courage for the couple when their hidden relationship was revealed in their small hometown in Tennessee. Now that the noise has begun to die down, the two escape to New York City for a well-deserved break.

But the excitement of the big city quickly goes off the tracks when they bump into an unexpected face from Luke’s past. This man’s personal chaos places a wedge between them, creating fresh wounds, igniting old desires, and revealing hidden regrets.

Will Derek and Luke be able to weather the tumultuous emotional storm that engulfs them? Can Luke find the light beyond the shadows from his past?

This Fire Inside is the delightfully entertaining third installment of the Home Is a Fire series, welcoming readers back into the heartfelt world of Derek, Luke, and the quirky residents of Parkville, Tennessee.





Jordan Nasser left his dream job behind and took the opportunity to re-examine his life—an experience he highly recommends if you ever have the chance. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, he was raised in the South before moving to New York City. He currently lives and writes in Stockholm, Sweden.

In his debut novel, Home Is a Fire, he drew upon his experiences growing up in the South. Outstanding reviews placed the book on the Amazon top ten rated LGBT fiction list. That story continues in the novels The Fire Went Wild and This Fire Inside.