destination marrakesh

TRAVEL DATES: We arrive May 1, depart May 6. Ramadan begins May 6, so plan accordingly. Long distance travelers may want to add days in Spain, Portugal or France. Air France does layovers in Paris that then fly to Morocco.

ACCOMMODATION:  I booked Riad Kasbah for everyone for each night we are in Marrakesh. We are 14 persons confirmed. I have covered room costs.

Wed May 1
Arrive and explore
8:00 pm relaxing cocktails/dinner at Riad Kasbah
Guests: ALL arrive except Marion and Lille

Thur May 2
Shopping in souk
7:00 pm cocktails/dinner at Barometre Marrakech (€50 per person)
Guests: Marion and Lille arrive

Fri May 3
8:30 pm drinks and birthday dinner at Comptoir Darna
Dress: Party! They do not allow casual attire like flip-flops or shorts.

Sat May 4
10:00 taxi to Beldi Country Club (€95 per person)
Price includes chaise longues, pool, towels, lunch, dinner and one room for us to use for bags, changing, etc. All included!
Drinks and spa treatments are an additional charge.
Book your own spa services in advance online.
We will return via taxi to the Riad Kasbah to sleep.
Dress: Moroccan chic! Kaftans and flowing dresses. Let’s have fun!

Sun May 5
Farewell breakfast (to some)
Free day: shopping, hammam spa visit, whatever you wish!
Departing: Morgan, Jamie, Marion, Lille, Julie, David

Mon May 6
Departing: Jordan, Jan, Jenivee, Will, Betsy, Isabel, Cynthia, Marci